Who Can Benefit From a Cost Segregation Study?

A cost segregation study can be a particularly wise investment if you are:

• Building a new facility
• Acquiring an existing building
• Conducting leasehold improvements on your current facility
• Expanding, renovating or improving an existing building

New properties valued in excess of one million dollars generally see the greatest gains from a cost segregation study. However, a CSS can recover retroactive deductions and be beneficial for existing properties as well.

Who Can Perform Cost Segregation Studies?

The IRS strongly recommends a specialized engineering firm to provide your CPA with an engineering-based cost segregation study. We utilize general contractors, as well as structural and mechanical engineers who have the requisite knowledge of the construction process and the tax laws involving property classification. Together, these professionals in conjunction with an independent CPA closely coordinate each project and carefully follow the strict IRS standards to maximize your tax savings.